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How do you personally promote your blog?

  1. What methods do you use? What has proven not effective?

    I've sent many emails to related long-standing sites introducing my blog and telling them that I will link them in my blog. I've gone to related communities on the net which is where much of my traffic comes from. The rest comes from tag searches on WP. Also I have just created business cards to leave in related markets around my area. Am I missing something?

    Thank you

  2. I use signatures in my forums with a cool banner.

    Just find a way to get it in there...


  3. There are tons of threads on this. Search the forums.

  4. I don't really promote my blog, per se, although I'll sometimes leave comments or sent e-mails to writers whose interests are similar to mine. Otherwise, I let others find me.

  5. I don't.

  6. I'm brand new as a blogger ... and would love whatever advice you have for me regarding what you have learned as a 'seasoned' blogger!

    thanks so much

  7. Do a forum search, as Vivian suggested. There are literally hundreds of ideas on this already posted.

  8. I did a search before posting and nothing that good showed up. I'll try it again. Thanks

  9. Folks, please don't ass your blog to the end of forum posts here. You can setup your username to link to the blog by editing your profile and setting the website.

  10. Here is a article I wrote up recently about promoting
    Top 6 Ways To Get Your Blog Noticed Fast On The Interweb:


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