How do you post content to a page other than the first page?

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    I have tried for an hour now to post a picture to a page on my new blog. It’s a new page, not the main page. There is no post media option, regardless whether I try to post a comment or post a comment and then reply.

    The blog I need help with is



    You can’t post an image in the comments except by using code.

    Are you trying to post a new post, a page, or a comment?


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    I would say work through this tutorial to acclimate yourself to the platform because you are such a new blogger.

    I’m not sure what your question is / what you are trying to accomplish?



    Thank you for the input. I just wanted to put a picture on a page. I added a page that I thought could carry all of my travel pictures. Clearly, this is not possible. I went through the tutorials twice but they were not much help because they referred to a post media button that does not work on a page other than the main page.
    Thank you for your efforts.



    Yes, it’s easily possible to create a page and post all your travel pictures to that.

    Review this:

    And then, once you understand that, review this:

    Posts and pages are both created from your Dashboard. Create New on the Posts page or Create New on the Pages page. If you use categories and tags properly, as the wpbtips site suggests, the Travel Pictures category page will be automatically created, and will contain all those posts.



    Whew. This actually worked for me. Thank you.

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