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How do you publicise your blog?

  1. gardeninganddogs

    I started my blog last August and get, on average, around 150 hits a month. The problem is that these hits are "spiky". I get a number of days with just one or two hits from blogsurfer and then when someone who is actually interested in the topic find the blog, I can easily get 20 - 30 in a day. Sporadically I mention my blog on Facebook and in Forums and email groups that I belong to that have a link to my topic, but I still can't get a decent listing on Google. I have one reciprocal link to another blog, but am wary of that route given what Google says about inappropriate links.

    Given that my topic is seasonal (Gardening), I want to get ready for the upsurge in interest that Spring brings. Any suggestions?

    (I have followed the instructions about linking my blog address to my profile, but in case that doesn't work the address is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. gardeninganddogs

    I should have said that if you put the two words "Gardening" and "Dogs" into Google you get a number of single page, pretty useless (IMO) sites with nowhere near the depth of information that I currently provide. I also have a number of other pages in the planning stage and obviously many posts to come.

  3. My simple answer is CONTENT, CONTENT and CONTENT.

    Post frequently and with QUALITY posts.

    If you think that certain
    topics are not already well covered on the web, then cover those t
    topics the way you think they *should" be covered.

    Do it well and people will turn up... it very well and people will stay :)

    I'm not much of a gardner.. I have a balcony that is bitterly
    cold right now and no garden so a few pots of herbs inside is
    about my limit... and I have no pets at all due to asthma issues.

    Maybe step by step photos tutorials for some topics? a photos series of what some plants poisionous to dogs actually look like? photos of plants that
    stand up well to puppy play? get creative and think of really
    specific topics that will help interested dog owners find your

    People will find your posts
    via the tags and the content not the blog name.

    (That's lucky for me 'cos I haven't seen people doing any searches
    on "Local Heart, Global Soul" since I started blogging LOL)

    It all come back to content.. specific content.

    If I were you I'd also go searching for like minded bloggers, and
    do a little ) or a lot) of networking, if you are all interested
    in the same things then you are more likely to follow them, and they you.

    Good Luck with the blog! It looks good so far :)

    regards... kiwidutch :)

  4. gardeninganddogs

    Thanks for the suggestions - I love them.

    Looks like I have a bit of work to do - good job Spring isn't here yet and I have time to spend on the computer rather than in the garden :)

  5. invisiblemikey

    One other thing I have found effective is to read other blogs about the subjects that interest you, leave insightful comments, and note that you also write about these things.

    It's a way to get readers who are already looking for similar content. They read your comment, and link to your blog!

    (I don't know diddly about gardening, but I just posted about a brave little bird, making a friend of Death, and about my haunted kitty.)

  6. This is all GREAT advice. I felt the same way when I started blogging and I used of of these tips from these and other blog users. Also, try and tie in current events, let out a bit of your opinion and write things that crave a discussion. Another useful resource, Twitter!

  7. gardeninganddogs

    I've just started a FB Group (Gardening and Dogs) - and in a couple of hours have 14 members including 2 who aren't friends. Have any of you had luck with this sort of blog marketing?

    Looks like I have a lot of blog surfing to do :)

  8. I have a blog here and I can't even google find it!

  9. gardeninganddogs

    I had a brain wave - I'm lucky that my blog focuses on a ready built community - dog owners. I show my dogs and so am regularly at gatherings of like minded people. At shows there is usually a table where schedules for future shows are left for people to pick up. Most people at least go and check out what is on offer. So, I have made some flyers and am taking them to a small show tomorrow. I'll see how it goes and maybe do more for larger shows that I attend.

    Clicks have certainly improved since I started the FaceBook group. I seem to be realising that you can't just wait for the world to find you - you have to help them on the way. Why did it take me soo long????

  10. I agree with kiwidutch and invisible mikey.

    Content is a big part of it but also connecting with like minded bloggers. If I had to throw in some advice I would say post frequently and do some shameless self-promotion. Go on different blogs about with similar topics and get involved in discussion. It's a bit tough sometimes, people think you're just there only to promote yourself. That's sort of what I came up against when posting on rotten tomatoes. But if you stick to it and just try to be apart of the community and have a genuine interest in discussion, people are less likely to to be skeptical.

    Right now on my blog, it get at least 200 views a day, but no comments. I don't know if my content is just that terrible or they're just comfortable lurking in the background.

    But that's the impasse I'm at now.

    Any advice?

  11. Be open minded to others idea's on their blogs, join discussions as Ed Wilson just stated, yes self promotion is great the good thing about it does'nt have to be "selfish" posting an comments...just jump in there especially if you see things your knowlegable of and intersted in (I do that alot and it has helped) you will build a repoire with not just reader, but blog owners bloggers have become your new readers and vice versa.

  12. gardeninganddogs

    The great advice here seems to be working - I just checked Google and a search for "gardening with dogs" ranks the site at #8 (out of 4.9m), whilst "gardening and dogs" is at #14 (out of 5m). Thanks everyone :)

  13. @ edwilsonishere
    I too have wondered about that for awhile, you will see the page views going up and down, but the comments are few and between, not that blogging is all about comments because its not its about expressing your thoughts and pov publically.
    On that same note though when there are no comments it would make us the blogger wonder (and sometimes doubt) the content we've puts on display not to mention many people have interests....

    I for one whenever I visit a blog i`ll do my best to lets the blog owner know we were actually interested in what they had to say...there is a large range of interesting things I see on blogs daily for me not to comment especially on something I may like, be into or experience personally feels it would be a dis-service to the blogger if I did'nt comment about those things.

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