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How do you put a post in a page so it will appear on the page after it is upload

  1. I wanted to put a specific post on a page i made how do i get the post on the page ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If it's just the one post, just this one time, the easiest way would be to copy and paste the material from the post to the page... if this is something you want to do regularly -- have a specific page to publish your posts, go here:

    Find this:
    "Front page displays"

    And select the page you want to publish on:
    "A static page (select below) "

    It can all be reversed later.

  3. @ lionracer

    You are a 6 day old blogger. I'd suggest that you work through the tutorial written especially for new folks on this platform:

    Please note that you cannot post to a page. There are ways to provide navigation to categories of posts so your readers can find posts they want to read and so you can organize your blog as you are describing.

    As for your question about posting to a page please read this very informative article, including the requisite reading about post categories and the differences between pages and posts:

    Please also study the information in support documents about custom menus:
    and this very useful post about custom menus:

  4. Please note that you cannot post to a page.

    ...if 'lionracer' selects "Posts page" in "Reading Settings", doesn't the page become the place where the posts are published?

  5. Yes, but that is not the same as what many ask about when they want to put a post onto a page. For example, I write about recipes and if I want my readers to see choices of "chicken" "beef" "dessert" then there is no direct way to put my chicken, beef, and dessert recipes onto separate pages. You must use categories (tags, dates, etc) and custom menus to have separate links to the topics.

    There is only one dynamic page per blog. The posting page is the one and only page where posts are displayed. It is dynamic because it changes every time there is a new post. But folks can add tabs (items) to the main navigation menu by using categories.

    Each post can have many tags and or categories, as well as other archive pages according to dates. Clicking on a tag, cat, or monthly archive will bring up a list of posts assigned to the tag, cat, or date. They have links. So those links can be put into a custom menu for readers to find all of the posts in specific tags or categories or dates.

    ...if 'lionracer' selects "Posts page" in "Reading Settings", doesn't the page become the place where the posts are published?

    That sort of link will show all of the posts (with infinite scrolling) that appear on the one and only dynamic front page. That is the page which appears as the front/home page by default on all sites.

    Folks can set up a static front page as an alternative and then designate a different "page" to display the latest posts.

    The jargon is confusing because they are all called "pages" but there are differences among them.

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