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How do you put an image in the header?

  1. Hi there -

    I've just bought custom CSS to make a few changes to my theme. I used 'Neat', with an image as the header, which I had uploaded. When I bought the upgrade, the image disappeared and I can't work out how to get it back?

    Is anyone able to help me? My blog is

    Many thanks,

  2. As you have defined the Custom CSS option the standard header will show until you define it in the CSS.

    Upload the image to your blog (using the write post) and grab the url for the image.

    In the CSS there will be a class for "front":

    #front {
    background:#eee url('http://url here') top left no-repeat;
    margin:0 0 15px;

    Where I have written URL here in the code above, put the URL that you copied above and save the CSS change.

    That should work!

    I don't have the CSS upgrade myself so this is an edicated guess...


  3. Thank you Cornell - that worked perfectly!


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