How do you put images in the text sidebar widgets?

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    How do you put images in the text sidebar widgets?



    Have a read of this FAQ entry which should give you all the information you need:



    This sounds like an easy answer, but it’s not. I’m also trying to figure out how to put an image in my sidebar. The FAQ is not very helpful. When I click on Manage, then Uploads, as it says to do in the FAQ, my options are zero. I can’t Browse All to find the image I’d like to upload. I’m stuck.

    When I click on the Text Widgets FAQ I don’t get any further because there doesn’t seem to be any link on the Widgets page that will help me make one…

    Does anyone have any ideas that don’t include the FAQ? !



    Have you been able to upload the image in question yet? You don’t mention if you have or not.

    What browser, browser version, and OS are you using? Security programs as well. (Please note that I asked 4 questions. Please be sure to answer all four. Folks around here have a habit of not doing so I’m afraid.)

    To make additional text widgets, take a look at the bottom of the widgets page for a drop down menu that will allow you to make additional text widgets.



    The following may or may not help you but I do recommend that you answer drmike’s 4 questions first.
    understanding widgets and how to set them up
    insert an image in a text widget



    Hello- don’t know whether I should jump in here or start a new thread- I am having the same problem and it is becoming infuriating…
    The “Put an image in your sidebar” FAQ is NOT accurate or complete. The instruction says all that you need do is copy the link to your wordpress image file and paste it into a text widget. That is inadequate- you must add the “image src=< (paste) >” code by hand apparently. Maybe that’s a big “Well of course” to you tech-y types, but not for everyone (or is WordPress only for tech-y types?)

    And not even then will it always work. I got one text widget set up with an image in my sidebar. Fantastic. Then I created another image in another separate widget. Both looked fine, saved fine, displayed fine. I changed widget #2 to try to get the image to link to another web site… and the image in WIDGET #1 disappeared! Not the title- just the image!

    I open it up and now the only thing in the text area is “<img>”. Huh? I replace it with the link from the URL in the “Manage-Uploads” file. Add the “<img src=” to it and the “>” at the end. Looks IDENTICAL to the original text.

    Nothing… just the header.

    I even removed text widget #2 completely off the side bar.


    Suggestions? Thanks.



    As posted in the other thread:
    This is a recurring error, nobody can find the reason for it at the moment and Support is closed for the weekend. What I suggest is composing the widget in the normal Write Post box, previewing it to ensure that it worked, copying the code, and pasting it in the widget. There’s no particular reason that would work better, but it might. This is a weird, touchy error. Try it and let us know.

    I’m thinking that so far it only seems to happen with files. Perhaps if you have a Flickr or Photobucket account you could try hosting the image there?

    In the meantime, I wouldn’t make any widgets with images until Monday, when support is open again.



    I upload them from somewhere else and add the code that starts off as <a href=

    And to center the pictures, use the tag <div align=”center”>CODE PASTED HERE</div>



    johndoetoo – the image code you have is good. The problem was with us and the image.
    I have corrected that, and all is good.

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