How do you remove a suddenly appeared link from a blog posting title?

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    All of the titles of blog postings suddenly started displaying as links that link to the blog article itself. How do I turn that “feature” off?

    The blog I need help with is



    I can’t see that happening on your blog. Will you please post a URL starting with http:// to a post or page with an example of what you are referring to?



    Thanks for getting back to me…
    It shows up in the title here:

    In this posting and all the others in the titles display underlined and highlighted in blue just like an ordinary link.

    In my other blog, I noticed that the title is still a link, but it does not DISPLAY like a link.

    I’ve since checked other wordpress blogs and found that their post titles are links to, but like they do not DISPLAY like a link.

    I’d be perfectly happy if I could change the display of blog titles on informthepundits if I could.

    Hope that makes sense. :)

    Thanks again for you time… timetheif. ;) ;)

    In my blog the title is still a link, bu



    I don’t understand you.

    Every Site Title (Blog Title) is a link.
    Example 1:
    Example 2:

    Every blog post title is a link.
    Example 1:
    Example 2:

    Both blogs are behaving normally.



    Agreed… that is true… they are links. What is NOT true is that the titles themselves displayed like a link.

    Here are two screen captures illustrating what I mean…
    This first one is from

    As you can see the title, “Valley of the Gods”, doesn’t look like a link, even though it is. That is normal.

    The second one is from

    As you can see the title, “DPRK Rocket Launch Vindication”, is underlined and highlighted in blue. It looks like a link! That is not normal. It is a visual distraction to readers.

    Before a few days ago, the title appeared in black just like other one.

    That is what I’d like to change. :)

    Try as I might, I cannot find out how that can be done.

    I don’t know if this is related, but I’m running a Windows 8 OS (not a beta) on a desktop with a non-touch screen.



    There are no cookie cutter themes from universal templates at Each theme is uniquely designed by a different designer who chooses how links will be displayed.



    In this case, the theme, when written, worked properly… it was recent changes at WordPress that brought out its defect.

    If there is nothing that can be done about it then I’ll probably have to change themes.

    I’ve been writing using that theme for a year and a half and don’t really wanna change… but maybe it is time.



    Hey there,
    I tagged this thread so it will be moved to the Themes Forum where Themes Staff can answer what’s been changed about the theme.



    OK… thanks for trying.



    Let me clear things up, because there’s confusion here:
    On the main posts page (as well as on any archive page and any widget that lists posts), the title of a post is a link to the single-post view.
    Naturally, on the single-post view itself, the title of the post is not supposed to be a link: this is a new mistake that WP introduced in a few themes and that WP needs to fix.




    Thanks fo bringing this to attention. The issue has been resolved now.
    Sorry for the trouble!

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