How do you remove mouseover text from image thumbnails?

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    I’m currently using the Oxygen theme. The thumbnails all have text mouseovers. They are the image files, and obstruct the thumbnail. Is there an easy way to get rid of them? Many thanks.
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    I’m interested in this question as well.

    For addtional detail for our trusty volunteers and staff, it would appear that hovering over the thumbnails gives the image title (or maybe a slug).



    It’s the Image Title that produces that “tooltip” when you hover your mouse over the image in a post or page.

    Unfortunately you cannot delete the image “title” field from the image in the Media Library after uploading the image or directly in the Media Library, but it appears that you can delete the image title from the image in the Post or Page it appears in by clicking on the “Edit Image” button that appears after you hover your mouse over the image and deleting whatever is in the image title field. (Still need to do a bit of experimenting.)

    But if you care about accessibility issues, do make sure to fill out the Alt Text field for those viewing in a Text Browser.



    “tooltip” – got it. What you’ve presented seems lke a good workaround until a “global suppression” function might be found.

    Tuned in for any more ‘experimenting’ status, j.i.c. Thanks, JJ!


    Okay, thank you for your help!

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