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How do you set your website for the home page to re-direct to the domain?

  1. My website has a home page tab that when I click on it it re-directs to the URL /home. How do I get my home page to be my website’s domiain like and not I have already created a custom menu with Home having that but the page I have has that /home, any suggestions on how to fix this?


  2. Have you tried doing this:

    Settings >> Reading

    On the right side you have the option of selecting your front page. Select the Static page you have created and then do the necessary selection from the drop down box.

    Hope this helps.

  3. I did that, my website has a tab that re-directs to the wrong place for the "Home" tab. I need it to re-direct to my domain and not the domain/home. How do I get the permalink to re-direct to that when clicking on the home tab?

  4. Have you entered your domain name using the form shown at this link:

    To get there, you need to do this:

    Settings >> Domains

    When you have entered your domain name, your home page should re-direct itself to your domain. It sometimes takes up to 48 hours but this depends on often the DNS of your ISP is refreshed. Some do it every 2 days to protect their root directory while some do it every 3 minutes.

    Hope this helps but if this is not what you are looking for then please post back.

    Good luck.

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