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How do you submit a site to stumbleupon?

  1. I do know how to do this, but each time I submit a blog post, nobody ever views it except for whoever okays my post. Whats going on?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is the link to the stumbleupon FAQs
    Here's a word of warning for you as many bloggers are confused about the correct use of stumbleupon

    If you wish to have social bookmarks on your blog so others may assess whether or not they are worthy of submission to the various social networks, including stumbleupon then here's a useful link

  3. Now to deal with the second part of your question. Why do the sites I stumble not get reviewed? The answer is the same one to why submissions to Digg and reddit don't get voted up. How many "friends" do you have? That's the way these social networks work. Those who have massive numbers of friends are able to combine voting/review efforts and push a posts right onto the front page of Digg or right up the stumbleupon ladder.

  4. Oh! That's very helpful. I've only been using it for my own bookmarks. Thank you so much.

  5. "I've only been using it for my own bookmarks."

    I suggest that you use another bookmarking service like Delicious. Also note that I could go on at length on this subject but won't. The bottom line is: who has the largest army that's willing, ready and able to act to quickly push any given post to the top of the rankings.

  6. You can use Tumblr and the Post to Tumblr browser button to do much the same thing; Tumblr is the best scrapbooking system there is. Stumbleupon is not for individuals; it's for things individuals want to show to a whole community, because they think those things are worth the attention.

  7. I also have a digg and reddit and delcious account, but I just used stumbleupon for instance. Thanks for the help!

  8. Me too and you're welcome. :)

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