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How do you tell if comments are spam?

  1. I can tell if comments are spam such as "buy this" or "check out my website" type comments but what about comments that seem pretty generalized that say soemthing like hey I like your post or site? A lot of comments lately have been saying stuff and that at the end have random numbers? Is that spam or something that is normal now?

    Thank you! I just don't want to get spammed and approve it or delete comments when they weren't spam?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. If it doesn't relate to your post specifically, it's usually spam. If it links to something dodgy/wrong/commercial it's spam. If it has links to sites that are unrelated to your post, it's usually spam.

    Here are some previous forum posts that might help:

    If anything in a comment doesn't make any sense (like random numbers, or something that doesn't relate directly to your post) zap it.

    Also you need to 'teach' Akismet (the program that filters the spam) how to work better, as it is obviously letting some through that it shouldn't. So when you get any that are spam, you should mark them as spam.

    And here's what to do if the wrong comments go into the spam filter (Akismet):

    I hope some (or hopefully all!) of that helps, tearlily. :)

  3. Everything with the random numbers is spam. Most things that are generally complimentary, have at least one spelling mistake in them, and don't reference anything from the post are spam. You can hover over the link on the commenter's name and see where it goes and if it's a commercial site, it's probably spam.

  4. And if they say something like "that wasn't the best post ever. What you need is......." and they recommend some confection or other. Lol. I've had those.

  5. I use the askimet widget and it does a really good job of filtering out the garbage that comes in.

  6. Sorry that is Akismet.

  7. The widget doesn't filter anything; the Akismet widget only displays how many spams have been filtered. Akismet itself is built in to all blogs.

  8. Cool. thank you everybody! I'm surprised I have so much spam! Why do people waste time spamming?

  9. As well as robot spam, people are being paid to spam. Scroll down on this page to "5 things every blogger should know about spam".

  10. thank you time. that makes much more sense now!

  11. You're welcome. Here's a tip ---> go to the sidebar and click the links there

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