How Do You “Unpublish” Published Posts For Future Use?

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    If I’ve date-stamped a post for a week from now, but have changed my mind and decided I don’t want to publish it right away (to make necessary changes, and all) how can I revert it back to “Unpublished” mode? I tried to click on the “Draft” thing in my Edit tab. But I’m not sure it will not be published. Any advice?



    Use the Manage and then Edit function to open the post. Once opened on the right hand side of the post outside the editor box you will see a row of blue buttons. The one second from the bottom is Post Status click on the plus sign it will open – change the setting. The next blue button down i.e. the last one is the Post Timestamp again click on the plus sign – click the checkbox and alter the timestamp then click “publish”.

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