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How do you use Text Widget???

  1. Recently I have noticed that some WordPress blogs have their own messages in their sidebar. Like messages that they actually write. How do I do that? And is it the 'Text 1' widget? Because im still kind of new to using WordPress. And I own and many e-mail's have been coming into me, asking to have more useful stuff in my sidebar. Because my site is growning with more and more hits per day, and I guess people are realizing all I have is links in my Sidebar. If you could...Please help me :) Thanks

  2. This will help. It's a guide to all the widgets:

  3. I didn't know an animated header works on And I thought I've seen an ads to his/her site. Looks like this person finally get the answer to his own question.

  4. Yes, and is posting pix so wide that the right sidebars are all forced to the bottom of the page anyway, so nobody will see them.

  5. Thanks y'all! I figured it out! :)

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