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How does a free user get their site emptied?

  1. I want to empty my blog of all content, but keep my address. The information on my Dashboard told me to contact support and they will be glad to do this, but apparently I can't contact support because I don't pay for that privilege. Soooo, does that mean, it's impossible? Or do I have go through and delete every bleeping thing post by post and image by image?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The staff will clear the content for you - right now they are having a company wide meetup - someone has flagged this for the staff to help you - the link below give instructions on how to use the bulk edit feature to clear the blog yourself

    Bulk delete contents of a blog & trash folders

  3. Thank you very much. I went to the link and it worked like a charm. WP should update their "spiel" in that section to link to that forum post rather than a contact form which is no longer an option for free users. Thanks again.

  4. You be welcome -

    Thank timethief also - she put together that Post - I just saved the link

  5. You're welcome from me. :)

  6. Thanks for the update

  7. Do you still need us to empty your blog? If so, what is the URL of the blog in question?

  8. No, thank you. Timethief's helped me take care of it myself. I will say, though, that the text that is shown when you choose to empty your blog should be changed. I didn't mind doing it myself, but I did mind having to search and search and then finally ask in desperation for the help. Doing a search for this led me to believe that there were no responses to questions like this, of which many came up.

    Thanks for checking in.

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