How does categories work?

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    Hi. This is the village idiot speaking…or at least I was beginning to feel as tho’ I was. I am finding it impossible to place my posts into a category. I’ve created the category, I’ve written my post – ta-da! It insists it’s going to be in uncategorized! In fact, my blog says I HAVE no categories!? Funny, but after all these years of survival, it’s becoming increasingly evident that it must have been a miracle. I am either really dumb & lucky, or there’s something radically wrong. I cannot figure this out! At least not here with Word Press. I have blogs in other places since I run a hockey message board & chat room, but this place has me stymied. What’s worse, every place where there are questions here regarding categories, the thread is closed. Are they afraid of addressing a problem or something or just avoiding doing anything? C’mon guys, I’m usually really easy to get along with – don’t ruin my record. =)



    If you have created the categories, it should go something like this:
    write a post, scroll down, click on categories (show all), and tick off the cats you want assigned to that post. Or edit an already written post, and do the same.



    Thanks boblets, that’s exactly what I did & am continuing to do with editing, but no dice. Thank you for at least confirming that I haven’t reached village idiot status…yet. I will continue to noodle around with it then & maybe something will fall into place. What has been happening so far is that the categories I created turn into tags & then the posts (only two so far btw) have a string of tags. Maybe that’s the prob? Only two posts?

    Love your blog too…I just took a peek.



    Well, you can’t create categories without assigning them to posts, so yes, that might be the issue here. Does it work for categories if you apply them to your posts?



    “you can’t create categories without assigning them to posts”…. Really??? How does a categories get created when one has not created it? I have a category (just looked now) that is called Video, but I never mannually created it? mmm?

    Also what does dashboard > manage > categories > linked categories actually do? Is it the same as parent child linking? It appears to be the same as Categories but I am not sure…




    You can create categories without assigning them to posts. But they won’t display on your blog (in the category widget) until there is a post assigned to them.

    I don’t see the Linked categories thing in my dashboard.

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