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How does changing hosts change my experience?

  1. When I change hosts I will still have the same WordPress experience right? My sites will look the same, front office and back office, right? Only difference is I'm paying for hosting with money, right?

  2. Well, if you move your blog from here at to elsewhere, you then become responceable for your own upgrading and security. You may want to read the sticky at the head of the forums for an explaination of the differences between the softwares.

    Hope this helps,

  3. We're using a more advanced version of WordPress here, so you may find certain things haven't made it to the self-hosted version yet. That's probably the biggest difference.

  4. Well you get unlimited themes. Plus access to edit your own. Plus unlimited plugins. Plus you can hack the php. Plus you own your data. But the last time I tried to explain this I got flamed.

  5. Thanks, drmike. Waht do you mean by upgrading? I can barely do more than tpe, copy and paste. Will I need to "upgrade" in order to use affiliate text links or amazon banners. I have the script/code given to me by the merchant and then I paste it in...that' doesn't work now so does it mean it won't work after I changed hosts, either?

    'what is the approximate title or date of the "differences between the softwares" explanation you were pointing me to? Difference in the software? I don't get it. Difference in software sound like difference in that I wold be interfacing with or software that the site would be interfacing with the server?

  6. I hope no one flames anybody for trying to help me understand. I started one site on 2/18 and another on on 3/1 here at Can we assume I am using WordPress 2.1?

    Is there a host outside of that uses 2.1? Or are there new versions every week, etc I mean well ...

    To stay here and monetize my site I have to pay $500 plus $250 and I really can't afford that. I don't want to introduce any unpleasantness so would it be better for me just to ...

    I don't know, I don't know what to do.

    Why can't I just pay them the equivalent of what they'd get if I signed up with one of theri affiliates? Oh, no that's not the point. I'm getting waay off topic.

    Thanks for trying to help I don't want to do much I just want to copy and paste and I don't understand . If I live in a house and I move the house then everything in the house is the same, nothing changes. The view from the windows changes but my indoor experience is the same but now I can have an amazon banner if I want to...

    does it mean I cannot click on Presentations and select another template? Will the choices be different. I don't need much. I mean I didn't think it was much. Is it? Humm...Anyway I'm okay with the two that I have... They are wonderful. I don't have to change them but can I use them with another host, right?

    I guess I still don't get it. How does the host alter my experience --in the areas that I am concerned with, namely being able to have AdSense, Affiliate banners and/or affiliate text linkages,...Oh, I got it! Does the "Dashboard" change. You know that little smiley face, does that mean I'm using Fantastico? Oh, that's probably not relevant either.

    Anyway thanks everyone for your responses. I guess I should contact some hosts, and try to keep it really simple, send them links to my sites and tell them what I want to do, with copy and paste and find out if I can do it with them without upgrading" or tweaking in any I-know-what-I'm-doing sense.

    I wrote to BlueHost and they addressed my concerns in a way that I still didn't understand. Simple language but I didn't get it. Huh, go figure.

    Oh, I got another idea. Where did you try to explain this to some one else. Can you refer me to the post? Maybe reading that would help me!

    anyway I can just jump in the water and if it doesn't work out I can just start all over. I've learned so much in the last couple of weeks I'm sure it will be useful to me in the future.

    This waay too long. I apologize.

  7. I summary there are loads of things you want that can not be done at com but could be done easily elsewhere. Pick a good host and go for it. Take one step at a time. The difficulties will speak for themselves. You may not realise that a lot of us at WP com have other blogs elsewhere as well. Good luck. :)

  8. Can we assume I am using WordPress 2.1?

    Actually we're using what would be 2.2 code here.

    Is there a host outside of that uses 2.1?

    I think you're getting a bit confused. Think of hosting as like renting an apartment. All you get is 4 bare walls and a roof. You have to fill the space yourself. You would have to install the software yourself and upgrade it when a newer version comes out. And then even with the autoinstaller, you would have to install any theme or plugin that you wanted yourself.

    Now some hosts do have autoinstallers that would install the software for you. You would have to ask them about that.

    Do note that there are other WordPress multiuser sites out there. Some of them do allow you to use adsense and other advert programs. You can see a list of them here:

    Hope this helps,

  9. If you say that "I can barely do more than tpe, copy and paste" then the hand-holding you get from is probably good.
    But thanks to Mike for linking to my wpmu list.

  10. It may not be politic to say this but as helpers our job is to help. Many of us are pro IT guys and sometimes we need to call things as we see it. We try and do so responsibly. So here goes. I would not advise anyone to install WordPress org currently AT ALL.
    The reason for that is simple. There are security and other issues surrounding the recent upgrade and just today Matt suggests uograding to 2.1.2.tar.gz. I would want to wait a while and see how all this pans out first. A pause for new users might be prudent. Just my 2 cents. It has only just been posted / widely read.

  11. Thank you all so much.

  12. atthe404 -> Best way to sum all that up: Shit happens. Hackers find new ways into gain access everyday. It's nothing new. That's why you have updates and programmers making annoucements to upgrade.

    Gotta admit that it's nice to see automattic staff on the ball once they realized something was up. Some programers take weeks and months to fix security issues.

  13. Well I was only suggesting a pause. Everything seems fine now.

  14. This makes grim reading:

    New Security issue in WP Org

  15. atthe404, if you want to talk about regular wordpress, please do it over there, especially since we don't know the entire story. A website was hacked. Who says it was done via wordpress?

  16. Well that is all very well but this thread started with a com user enquiring about moving to Org. So don't try and bitch at me.

  17. I got reports of much the same thing. Regardless of the issues of Blogger, Moveable Type, and Typepad, this is something that someone looking to move to self-hosted WordPress should be made aware of.

  18. Computer operating systems are not secure, many programs are not secure. Every program has a hole. But WordPress holes are fixed and quickly. It doesn't matter what you use it will have a fault.
    And I'll bet that THE weakness is not WP code - it's passwords. And the user sets those.

    It's all relative and if nothing else demonstrates the value of backups when you are left to do that (which is not something you need worry about here).

  19. Here's how I'd sum up the difference: upgrading your self-hosted install every couple of weeks is undeniably a hassle, but that (along with whatever you're paying your host) is the price you pay for being able to host ads and use any themes and plugins you wish.

    Your third option is to import your wordpress entries to a less popular program that isn't targeted as heavily by crackers and spammers, but then you don't get the same range of themes and plugins.

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