How Does One Import an “Eventful Sticker”on wordpress?

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    I’ve recently come to know this service called “eventful”… you create a sticker that people can click on to demand you in other places in the world to come and perform in… anyway you make the sticker and it gives you the code to drop into your blog… (java or flash format)… but I can’t seem to get my blog to recognize the code… I’ve tried dropping it in the various widgets… but they don’t seem to support it…and I’ve tried to drop the code into a post or page and it doesn’t seem to come up there either… (a wordpress blog) has this eventful service on his blog… but I don’t think he’s using the typical wordpress widgets….can anyone help?

    Marco. The Magician Who Drove Across America Blindfolded In 7 Days



    We can’t use javascript or flash on our blogs here at Jonathan Coultan’s site is not hosted here at but independently hosted and is using a different version of WordPress software. Because we share the backbones of our blogs, any security vulnerability introduced by one person would be shared by everyone using that template. Consequently, our security restrictions are tighter.

    If the service provides an HTML-only version that doesn’t contain forms or embeds, that code might work.



    Thanks for the quick response…

    -Marco The Magician Who Drove Across America Blindfolded In7 Days

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