How does one reduce spacing/margin above images in "Sight" theme?

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    I’m trying to reduce the spacing/margin above images I insert into my posts, but haven’t been able to figure it out yet. Any help will be much appreciated!

    My blog is at and uses the theme “Sight”.


    The blog I need help with is


    I see you’ve worked around this a little by adding a negative margin to the address element and placing them before images:

    .entry-content address {
    	font-style: italic;

    If you take out that -1em margin line or change it to “0” and add this, it will probably work a little better in cases where you haven’t used the address element.

    p img {
    	margin-top: 0;


    Ah thanks, that’ll be much better! I’m also thinking of using one of the heading elements (h5 or h6) as my “caption” element for/before photos (instead of the address element that I’m now using), so I can use the address element for its intended purpose whenever required.

    Thanks a ton!

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