How does one unschedule a post?

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    I’ve never known how to do this, can someone tell me please? I need to do it fairly soon on a couple of posts. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    Through dashboard, click your post to edit it.

    In the top right corner it will say “Status: Scheduled” – click on the word Edit next to it. You get a drop down box, and can change that to Draft, Pending review, or leave it as scheduled.


    Oops – make sure you click on “OK” to save the changes. :-)


    Okay thanks. Does just changing it to ‘draft’ work? Only it still shows the scheduled time and date!



    You will then have to edit it and change the date and time.


    Yeah, but what I want to know is – suppose I just want to take it out of scheduling altogether, make it draft again without a specific date, so that I can work on it some more. Is that possible?

    It’s crazy, I’ve blogged here for two years (not on my current blog) and have helped loads of people on the forums but I just can’t get my head around this!



    Edit the draft post and remove the scheduled date/time from the publish module – that’s all there is to this.



    Thanks TT. I’ll look at this again tomorrow as it’s late and nothing’s sinking in at the moment.


    Thanks everyone. It sorta makes sense. I’ll mark this resolved now.

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