How does someone like my post if theyhave not viewed my post

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    Sometimes my account shows a person liking a post, but that post has not been viewed that day. How does that work? Are the stats only relevant to viewers who also have a wordpress account?

    The blog I need help with is



    All visits to your site, from visitors with or without a account, should be counted. Could you make sure that your blog is set to the correct timezone in your Settings -> General?



    That works from
    If a user is subscribed to your blog, he/she may like or reblog your post from his/her reading list and that too without viewing your post. :)


    The time zone setting is definitely correct.

    This happened with a new post I published the other day. So it was the first day of the post, and someone “Liked” the post. But it did not show on the “Top Posts & Pages” for the day. I understand it may not show in the referrer list, but I would expect it to show in the Top Posts & Pages if viewed.



    Did you read my response above? Assume I am subscribed to your blog. And, when you published your post, I was reading my subscriptions : your post will appear in my reading list. Now, there are two ways to like a post:
    1) To visit your blog—read the whole post and click on the like.
    2) To click on ‘Like’ tab in my reading list above your post.


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    It used to be called tag surfer:

    Folks don’t have to go to your blog (and thus be counted) to read (a summary of) your post, but there is an opportunity to “like” your post…

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