how does the visitor count work

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    So, I’m getting visitors to my site, but none to the posts. how does that work?



    well start reading other blogs that interests you, leave comments to them, exchange links, participate in forums (helping others) and I’m sure you’ll get not just clicks but also comments.


    it’s not the lack of comments that’s bothering me, but the discrepancy in numbers. i have visitors to the site, but the posts show none. what’s the difference



    Whopps. Go to your Presentation – Sidebars – Drag some widgets (you can see, many there like Comments, Recent posts.. etc) and save then you’ll be able to see your previous posts in your blog. Is that what you mean?


    i’m new to this, so it would be helpful to know what whopps means. there are differents sets of stats offered. one is number of daily visitors. then there’s the top post. the visitor stats shows….visitors….the top post reads 0. how can i have visitors who don’t read posts.



    “whoops” is just my expression. As for your comments, maybe by reading can answer some of your questions.


    in this world, nothing is what it seems. i took your mis-spelling of whoops as a term i didn’t understand. thanks for the link. there’s too much information on there for me, most of which i do not understand. i’ll try another way to have my question answered.



    walkabout: the reason you have visitors but none to your posts is because they went directly to your blog, but did not click on any posts. the top posts are only counted when your readers click on it to read more or comment. to get hits on your posts, use the more tag in your editor to leave the excerpt on the home page, but not the entire post so they have to click on the more tag to read the rest of the post.



    Once the search engines start picking up on your blog, you’ll see inbounds from them to your posts as well.

    What’s really scary is that one of my hosting clients is a PhD candidate with their thesis on trash. One of things that she concludes is that women make more litter then men. :)

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