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how does translations through go live?

  1. hi there,

    we are using platform to translate in Tamil (India). Two days before we were able to review and approve pending messages but now messages are locked for approval. we have translated 2400+ strings so far and will finish off the rest in next few days hopefully.

    we would like to know when exactly would the site go live with tamil interface? even languages below us in the translation race have already got their language interface.

    Also please guide us how to do the needed review of translations before it.goes public.



  2. Ravi,

    Staff do monitor these forums, but in case they do not see this thread, I would suggest you contact them directly at (Mon-Fri 8am-4pm Pacific time) or using the "support" button in the upper right of your dashboard.

  3. thanks thesacredpath. i have written to support also. hopefully someone responds :)

  4. You're welcome. They get a lot of support contacts each day, so I would give them a day or two to respond. I suspect they take care of the blog emergencies first.

  5. it seems someone out of the translation community at

    is dismissing translation strings without any proper comments and it is confusing. please someone clarify. Is there someone from wordpress doing this?? not possible in my guess. but who has access for dismissing the strings when none of the community members have it??

  6. ravidreams, the Tamil translation will go live in a day or two.

    Some strings are getting dismissed usually because theres is a mismatch in placeholders (like %s) or tags between source and translation. If there are strings, which are dismissed and are perfectly legit, please contact support and we will fix them.

    Thank you for translating!


  7. nikolay, that would be great to see the translations go live so soon ! and thanks for the explanation about missing strings.

    but before it goes it live, we would like to check the translations for typos and consistency else it may look less professional. right now, we are not able to dismiss or approve translations.. those approve / links were there in the beginning. who has access for this review work?

    thanks again

  8. We are improving the translation system now and for some time you will not be able to approve/dismiss strings yourself.

    If there is a mistake in a string, just add the correct one as a new translation and we will approve the latest one if it is otherwise correct.

  9. Thanks for the clarification Nikolay. Improvement in the translation platform is great news !

  10. The Tamil version of is live at

  11. nikolay, this is the happiest day for us !! we love wordpress ! thanks for the amazingly fast response !!

  12. Yes Ravi...!!! Finally our dream has come true!! Most awaited moment! :)

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