How does Wordpress handle images?

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    When images are on a WP designed page or post, does WP go to the library each time the page/post is viewed, or is it a situation in which, once inserted into a page/post, there is no longer a link to the library? Here’s the issue:

    If I install a plugin that will retroactively optimize images in the library, will those that were inserted into a page/post before I installed the plugin also be optimized? Or once the plugin has optimized the contents of the library, do I need to, one by one, delete images and then add the same image that has been newly optimized?



    Hi @1riverman1,

    If a user deletes the images from their library, the images will no longer display in the posts. The posts require the images to stay in the media library.

    For your second paragraph, you’ll need to refer to what the plugin developer says. Since the above is a universal requirement for and software, I think it would be important for them to mention how it functions within the plugin documentation. You can post the name of the plugin here if you can’t find documentation. If you can’t find documentation, though, that’s a red flag for the plugin 🙀.

    The only exception to the above rule is if a user is manually writing in image tags in the HTML composer that link outside of WordPress. In that case, a plugin couldn’t overwrite those pictures, anyway.

    I’d love to hear back with what you find out. I’m curious!




    I did hear back from a support person with the plugin developer, but she did not answer the question I posed. But that could be that I did not word it clearly.

    Off the top I have to state that I am a complete newbie at web development and this obviously is the first time I have used WP. So, I know nothing about how it operates in the background.

    I had noticed that Yoast was not recognizing the presence of any of my alt tags. I had put all of the tags in after I had inserted the images into their respective pages. After deleting them, adding the tags while the images were in the library and then re-inserting them, it did recognize them.

    That made me wonder if an image optimization plugin might work the same way — ie: if you don’t optimize the images before inserting them into pages, they will not get optimized

    I may be wrong, but I think I have figured this out. I went to the html to see how the images were being handled. Now I don’t know coding, but it appeared to me that each image was being called by its file name. I assume it can only be called from the library. If that is the case, I have my answer. If the images do not actually reside in the pages even after you have inserted them, but only in the library, any optimization done in the library will be reflected in the images in the pages.

    Hope that is correct :)



    That sounds like a green light to me to go ahead with that plugin! Thank you for following up.

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