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How does make coin?

  1. homebuyersadvocate

    I've just been blogging for 6 short months. Friends, Family and co-workers love my blog. But they don't understand how word press can do all this for free. How does make money? I couldn't really explain the answer to my friends. Yes, I know they can make money on certain upgrades that cost credits. But, it doesn't seem like enough for a great service like Is wordpress assuming that a lot of people ugraded their basic blog to Just curious if anyone knows the answer. Thanks, Mike

  2. isn't a cash cow. Automattic isn't a cash cow, as far as I can tell. But it's of huge interest to investors: they just got another I think it was $29 million investment. When you're getting that kind of input, the Adsense revenues sort of pale beside it.

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