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How does WP handle plagiarism of its blogs?

  1. 1minutebookreviewswordpresscom

    Update: "" still hasn't removed the post plagiarized from my site. But as I've been trying to fight this, I've found two helpful things you can do if you ARE plagiarized:

    1) Go to the Technorati Home page ( Select "Contact Us." You will see a window that says "Message type ..." From the pull-down menu, select "I see a copyright violation." I did this months ago with another plagiarist, and the plagiarist removed the offending post with days, though I don't know if the Technorati complaint was the reason.

    2) Look at the Google AdSense ads being sold against your plagiarized post. Click on the ads, then use the companies' contact forms to get in touch and let them know their ads are appearing on sites with plagiarized content. One of the ads sold against my plagiarized material was for a well-respected college, which I am sure would be mortified that is is happening.

    Thank you so much for all these helpful comments.

  2. I've had a post taken by these people, too. I found this link by doing a Whois search, and they say that by emailing abuse[at]prohosted[dot]net they'll get the offending posts removed. Time will tell whether that's actually successful.

  3. I think I remember raincoaster saying that if you click on the "Google" link in the adsense frame, it takes you to a place that you can report them to Google.

    Also, lettershometoyou had a good post one what he does:

  4. Just had an email back from Unix-Fu and they have removed the offending post. This time, at least, it seems that there is something you can do about other blogs stealing your content.

  5. I complained to the host server for the unix-fu and heard back in a timely manner. They were successful at getting the unix-fu site to remove all the stolen blog posts. I even got a lengthy email from the unix-fu guy apologizing for offending me, then justifying why what he does is OK.

    My advice... complain to the host.

  6. Would you like to share those email addresses? I've just gotten scraped by them again myself, and I can't find the contact info. Maybe I'm blind.

  7. Raincoaster, the email for the host server is billing[at]mojohost[dot]com (att: Brad Mitchell, CEO for MojoHost). He responded promptly to my request and professionally, too, I might add.

    The email for the unix-fu[dot]org site is kris[at]prohosted[dot]net Personally, I wouldn't waste my breath with this guy as he believes that RSS feeds = the freedom to copy and paste anyone's words, artwork, photos or other intellectual property.

    Good Luck! I'm confident you will find the Host to be responsive.

  8. Carla,

    There was never any need to contact me - the owner of that web site handles remove requests personally and in a timely manner. The fastest response is simply to email the site owner directly. He is responsive, I have done is forward them and I have been assured that he will handle any such remove request expeditiously. Thank you, Brad

  9. I emailed him yesterday and no response yet. We will see.

  10. The article that was stolen from me was removed. So, apparently it does good to write to the guy at

    If anyone wants to use my blog posts they are free to use to create a link. It will drive traffic back to my site, which would be great. That way other people can utilize the link for their own blogs. But just the link. Not the whole article.

    Thanks everyone!

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