How does choose which image is publicized to Tumblr?

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    “Publicize to Tumblr” is a real time-saver, but when I have posts with more than one image, seems to be selecting the final image to send to Tumblr, whereas I want the first image used (as would most people, surely). The theme I use doesn’t support featured images, so it’s not down to that. How does WP choose which of multiple images to crosspost, and is there any way I can select which image is shown?

    The blog I need help with is



    The images are in the feed and it’s up to Tumblr when it comes to which image is displayed.



    Ah, is there any way to control the feed then?



    I face the same problem with ‘publicize’ to Facebook. FB seems to pick the last image in my post, which defeats the purpose. I choose my teaser image very carefully and would like image # 1 on my blog to show on my FB page by default.

    Could you code the connection between WP and FP to always use the first image in a blog entry?

    my blog is

    thanks for your help

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