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How earn money online?

  1. Cool story bro :)

  2. I am from a working class family as well. I worked to earn money. Then I studied.....hard. Working class does NOT mean lower class. If you are serious about wanting to earn money then IMO you will take any job you can. Dont be too specific about what kind of job either. Search for jobs in your area using online searches and don't be taken in by Internet sites which offer untold amounts of money; you're right theŇ∑ are cons.

    Good luck.

  3. Sell a kidney.

  4. It's only not a good idea if you sell more than one.

  5. Sell other people's kidneys.

  6. @kanjameen. You do NOT have a valid WP account so why are you on these forums. You are either a spammer or a troll or both, either way you should not be here.

  7. @jessielansdel
    Bingo! It's a spammer trying to get us to click the link - don't click!

  8. Awh I was having fun, it didn't like my avatar :D

  9. And here's me advising it on job seeking. Oh Lordy, will I ever learn. Still, I did realise what it was after reading some of it's posts.

  10. @Jessielansdel I liked your job advice very much actually! Well, and that sexy avatar. Who is that? I know who it is, don't tell me, don't tell me...

    Oscar Wilde?

  11. I did notice it. And I soon realized that it was a troll, when it was teasing pete :). That's why I didn't feed it.

  12. No one teases me unless it's a spammer. He didn't like my gravatar :(

  13. Oh! It's scary. I like it though. Have you change it to comfort the soul of troll? :)

  14. Just you my friend.

  15. :)

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