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How far can I go?

  1. Hello! I've been told by my friends to make a blog because I post faaaar too much on FB - mainly about men and how todays society views women. Basically 'Sex and the city' But real... & in the UK.

    Naturally with it being this topic, I have to keep any eye on what I say. As i've only just joined I was hoping anyone could help me with what's deemed okay and what's too far?

    I generally avoid saying things out right anyway and use metaphors, but hoping in future my articles will reach more people, so it'll help if I don't offend any readers eyes! If you don't get what I mean pop onto my page and read a couple of posts to get the general idea, it's all pretty soft.

    Also, how do I find more Blogs to follow myself?

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can do mature but not porn - see below for a bit more guidance

    What I saw was I thought quite tame.

    Welcome to WordPress.COM - your site now has it's first official visitor & page view

  3. Ooh thankyou! Do we know where the mark is to mature?

    As everything it would exclude me from will be a bit damaging :3 Or to be safe should I just keep it pretty safe until I've built up an audience?

  4. Report Mature is in the top gray bar on the left side when you are on your site & logged in as with a WordPress.COM account

    Mature just takes you blog out of some global links on WordPress.COM to prevent young people or people that just don't want to see a Mature blog from ending up on one by mistake

    I don't think being Mature would be a big hit on visitors - for instance I get very little traffic to my site that originates on WordPress.COM - and I am told that I have helped with something like 12,000 times in the support forum -

    Traffic for most people comes from other sources, such as Facebook and other promotions of a blog - my marketing sucks so most of my traffic comes from search engines, and that is the toughest way to get traffic and your blog will not even be indexed for about 4 to 6 weeks by search engines - then there is how do you come to the top of the search results given the millions and millions of blogs in the world

    If you don't put Mature content on your blog don't flag it - wait until you get mature - maybe you never get there

  5. Ooh, thankyou, that's all pretty good.

    I think I'll be careful for now, the only way I'll get anymore followers is if it pops up on tag lists etc. No where really to ad for blogs & I originally had Blogger but it's not as nice as this.

  6. You be welcome & good luck

    This is a good site for blogging tips:

  7. Going to be flat out honest: I would really say you need more pictures. I think it is too plain, immediatly turning me down to reading your blog. Font is too small and it makes me feel like I need binoculars (I'm a pilot with 15/15 vision by the way). I think maybe a new upbeat theme. It makes me tired looking at the black background and white text. Add more tags; if you want to get noticed Tag Away! Make sure your on google and your site is indexed.

    Now that I have said what I think, congrats on starting a blog! You need some improvement but in the end, it will look good! Here is an example :

  8. Hmm, whilst I really appreciate the advise (sincerely!) I've been complimented a dozen times on the layout and how clean it is. I've had 600 hits and 30+ followers in three days? Is that not good? :S

    I'm also not overly fussed about pictures, if I wanted to post them I would've joined tumblr :3

    But thanks for the advise.

  9. Yep, your welcome @laurerz :) Wish you the best and have a great weekend!

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