How fast do Stats refresh?

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    Having posted a blog entry, it quickly got flagged with a Like.
    WhenI checked my stats page a couple of minutes later, there were no reads listed for that post.
    I always use the “<More>” tag, so readers can see the begining of each of my posts, but have to go to the actual post to read all of it.

    My first thought was that the “Like” button had been clicked without the reader having read the whole post, and I was about to email them a related enquiry, but as I was typing the message, a second reader (who I’m pretty confident would have read the whole post) clicked “Like” and still my Stats page showed no reads for that post.

    I’m pretty sure my blog settings mean only an excerpt of each post gets emailed to readers, so I’m a little confused.

    Is the Stats page slow to refresh, or is there something else going on?



    People can ‘like’ from the Reader or email, and unless they visit the actual blog a hit will not be recorded. Only an actual visit to the blog itself will record a hit. Welcome to the world where people ‘like’ without even reading the post!!

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