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how get people to know your blog

  1. apuntesdelcamino

    Hi to all wordpressers. I have a very important question to all of you.
    I've just started to publish and I feel like I am a bit new in all of this world of blogging. There's too much stuff to learn!
    Anyway, I wanted to ask you for advice. Is there something I can do to make people aware that my blog exists?
    Thank you all, and, by the way, my blog url is (ul)


  2. Tell all your friends and family!
    Use tags and categories.
    Make friends here on WordPress.
    Happy blogging!

  3. Link to it everywhere you can. A good starting point is to link your username to your blog here in the forum. There's a sticky thread at the top explaining how.

    Also there are threads in the Off Topic forum where you can plug your blog and specific posts.

    You might want to check out sites like Technorati and register your blog there too.

  4. Post meaningful and relevant content, use tags and categories appropriately, and they will come. And as rosclarke pointed out, you can add your blog to other sites and services:

  5. sensuouscurmudgeon

    Telling your friends and family is nice, but it won't generate serious traffic. There are more than 100 million blogs out there. Your best bet is if your blog shows up well in Google searches on your topics. But getting your blog to be well-regarded by Google requires that they must first become aware of you. Check out Google Webmaster Central. You can learn a lot there. Whatever makes Google happy will probably work for other search engines too.

    Probably the most important factor (to Google)is getting highly-ranked sites to link to yours. For that to happen you need to post good material, and then tastefully mention it at other blogs that may be interested. No one wants self-promoting spam to be posted on his blog, so you should only mention your blog when it's appropriate. Don't resort to obnoxious practices like mindlessly spamming other blogs with links to yours.

    In time, you'll have other sites linking to you, and Google will notice this during their routine crawling of the internet. You'll get better placement on Google searches, and that will bring you traffic. This is the tried and true method. Slow and steady. It works. Beware shortcuts.

  6. Google provides some further information, as well. Please see -

  7. Not sure if this has been covered, apologies if it has.

    How does one get the site-owner verification process to work on Google Webmaster Tools if you have a blog and not a true Web site? They offer two options, one a metatag which I can't use because I don't have access the HTML code for my site (not using CSS) and the other a file to download and add to my site, which I don't think I can do, either, given the restrictions of the Neat template I'm using.

    Any help or clarification would be great.



  8. Stereo :)

  9. Thank you -- that helps! I'm verified. I then deleted the page because the code comes up in my page list. I assume that all I needed to do was just put the link up for the verification process and then take it down? Right?


  10. I answered that question in another thread.

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