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How he do that?

  1. How did Andy get them links at the top of his blog?

  2. Link

    Someone reads Andy's blog? ;)

  3. Whose Andy?

  4. Beats me. His about page has a broken picture on it. :)

  5. @ patriotsfan
    I believe andy's pages looks very much like the css customization polaris did on
    I've been trying to find the thread in the css customization forum with the code he used to no avail. Unfortunately css customization forum does not have it's own search box and bloggers do not necessarily use titles that reflect the contents in the threads. I'll keep searching for you but maybe you would like to give it a go too.

  6. Something's real strange about Mirkwood as it's not loading any CSS but the edited one. Normally you load the theme CSS file first and then your edited version. You can see this on one of my blogs if you view the source and do a search for CSS.

    Or am I missing something?

    edit: Hmm, Andy's is also loading only one CSS file.

  7. confirmed ... hmmm ... indeed ... I don't get it [she muttered].

  8. How do you see css.
    I use firefox I've thats make any difrence
    Try to learn it, but it's little bit hard :(

  9. You'll find out how to see your page source here

  10. thanks a lot
    Now the study ;)

  11. Sorry about coming to this late. It wasn't until I saw the spurt in my blog stats today that I realized Mirkwood was being discussed.

    drmike: I'm a little confused about whether you want to see the customized CSS or the original theme's CSS. If it is the latter, chances are that you might not find any, because I chose the Sandbox's bare-bones "no CSS" option. This was based on Andy's advice when he posted his Sandbox Kubrick CSS (link below). If it is the customized CSS you are looking for, it is available at:

    TT: As a matter of fact, I never posted my CSS here. I sent it to Scott Wallick, the creator of Sandbox since he mentioned that he would put it up on a wiki along with other CSS designs. This hasn't materialized yet, perhaps because of a change of plans from Scott. Anyway, you could obtain the customized CSS at the above link. Compared to the wonderful Unsleepable, or China Red or wank's design with the book theme, my CSS is both bare and probably not half as functional. If you are looking for Andy's original CSS, it is at the following link:
    And TT, thanks for sending some traffic my way ;).

  12. @sdrane
    Thanks for the explanation and you're very welcome. ;) As you started from scratch in Sandbox this now makes sense to me. Patriotsfan wants to have his page links embedded in the header the way yours are on Mirkwood and like andy's are on his blog.

  13. sure hope i can have my blog designed like that in the future. It really takes a lot of patience and work to do it..

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