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How i can delete a follower

  1. Hi

    can i choose my followers? and if someone who is already following me and if i dont want him to get email notifications of my posts or even i want him to stop following me how can i do this. Please Help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No you cannot. Only the subscriber can unsubscribe themselves. And even if you could, they could just sign up again, or subscribe to your public RSS feed, or just visit your site each day.

  3. Or use the "Follow" button at the top of the screen to add you to their "Blogs I Follow"

  4. Is there any way i can choose my viewrs.

  5. Set your blog to "Private" then only those that you invite in can read your blog.

  6. Thank you Everyone for this help. i hope this will help me. thanks

  7. If you do not have any email subscribers yet, you can set your site to private and then you can invite up to 35 people to view the site at settings > privacy. If you need more than 35, then you can purchase the upgrade to give you unlimited private users.

  8. Just to clarify that if your blog was Public and you change your privacy settings to Private, the current subscribers will continue to receive new posts. You would have to ask Support to remove the current subscribers for you.

  9. This is sooooo wrong. If you set it to private, NO subscriber should get anything.

  10. Agreed! If a blog is made private, the RSS feed is cut off. It only makes sense that the subscribers should also be removed.

    Problem is...

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