How I can host the site in and to use plugins of the

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    I’ve been informed that I need to export my site to Okay, but I have already paid the solution PREMIUM to stay at

    How do I keep hosting in wordpress and at the same time, set up the website in

    My main goal is to install wordpress plugins.

    The blog that I need help is

    The blog I need help with is



    You can’t. A blog can’t be in two places at once. Either you have external hosting OR you have a blog. If you’re within the 30 day refund period, just ask for a refund of your upgrade from the store page.



    Tks, raincoaster.
    But this is the problem. Because the 30 days already expired. I already payed the premium plan, and I don’t wanted lost the money.
    Doesn’t exist a possible for install the plugins (banners, slider etc.) in other way? Only with



    Well, you wasted the money. Basically.



    ok, you no helped me nothing. But Tks.



    Please read this:
    There is no FTP access to our free hosted blogs and we bloggers cannot install plugins.
    There is no upgrade you can buy that provides FTP access.
    If you require plugins then you have to hire a web host, set up your self hosted install and move your content into it.



    Timethief, My Account is PREMIUM (U$ 99 – year).
    And I need to use the plugins.
    I Would like to continue In, using as host. And export my website to for to use the plugins.
    Is possible?



    You get your own host and set up a WordPress.ORG install on it – then you export the content from here and import to your new site –

    You can change the name servers to your new site so it is not a total loss – the registration will still work has some hosting recommendations if you want – most hosts offer a “one button install”

    @TT has some good links to help you move above



    If all you want is sliders, etc, just use one of the themes here that has them built in.

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