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How i can upgrade hosted blog to the latest version.

  1. I want to know whether this is self hosted blog or hosted blog and if it hosted blog then how i can upgrade it to the latest version.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. is self-hosted and using WordPress 2.1.3 (incredibly old, the current version is 3.5.1). It really needs to be upgraded, but you may have to do it in steps. The correct forum for self-hosted sites is and you need to inquire over there as to what you will need to do.

    Automattic ( does all the upgrading and everything here for us as part of the service, and we are always running on the latest version. In fact, we may be on a new version a month before it is available to self-hosted sites.

  3. Automattic ( does all the upgrading and everything here for us

    Yes - welcome to the home of 62,000,000 beta test sites :)

  4. @auxclass... I'm biting my tongue... :)

  5. How did you find that this is self-hosted blog and not hosted?

  6. @TSP - they actually do a pretty good job overall - but once in a while they leave a large something not quite tested - seems I remember an issue with something called IS - a year or so back - some funny page view stats and such -

  7. Several ways

    1) Go to Is My Blog Working: - easiest

    2) do a whois and that would tell us the name servers are not pointed here (but not tell us about the version number)

    3) Look at the page source code - you need to know what you are looking for - more difficult however

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