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How I got my avatar

  1. Hi,
    Look at my avatar. Wanna know how I got it? Do ya? Huh, huh?? It was my drawing of a pirate penguin. I made it with paint, and I thought: Oh, what the heck, new logo! How did you get your avatar???

  2. I got my avatar from a screen capture I took of Rockhopper.

  3. the lady of the lake held aloft this picture of Curlin, signifying by devine providence that I, Arthur Pendragon was to be king.

  4. couldn't find a picture so just browsed through my pictures folder and got one that fits. haha.

  5. my avatar is traced from a board game figure. Its based on stone carvings of Mayan priests.
    I just like it.

  6. My avatar is a picture of my hamster! :D

  7. It was a great party and, a friend grabbed my SLR and took a beauty shot of me in all B/W glory.

  8. the "and" before the comma… it shouldn't go there

    (Note to self: Read own forum posts at least twice before hitting "send")

  9. I made it~ XD .__. the base image was from a random Japanese Fan Art site I visited

  10. lettershometoyou

    Mine sort of grew to look like me all on its own.

  11. I was carrying an 8ft long, 8in diameter log up a muddy hill for about the 20th time and the Other Half took a photo. It sums up the hard graft, sheer bloody mindness and total daftness that is my life. Oh, and I was smiling, so my avatar also says I enjoy doing it!

  12. My avatar is me... I was with somebody and cropped it. ;-)

  13. davidscubadiver

    I was standing on a pier getting ready to go scuba diving when my dive buddy took my picture. The rest is history. Click my name for pretty underwater pictures. ;)

  14. I got my avatar from my friends photo bucket profile He took a picture of a wall
    were some one graffiti a dude spray painting a skull

  15. Got mine from google =D :P

  16. i CREATED my own avatar in photoshop! :D
    {beaming with pride}

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