how i import translated menu from joomla joomfish menu to wordpress main menu?

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    Hello ALL!

    I love wordpress…
    i have one website with joomla + wordpress.
    joomla is for company detail and wordpress for blog section.
    both are in 11 languages.
    in the joomla system i was use joomfish, now i want to import all main menu translated name in wordpress main menu.
    have a look joomla system is http://new [dot] dolphin [dot] therapy [dot] org.
    blog system is http://new [dot] dolphin [dot] therapy [dot] org./blog

    for ex. if i am in joomla system DE language i can see joomla translated menu in de language.
    now i am going to wordpress system(blog), there are only i can see english (default) main menu, when i want to see in DE language or other languages then still its disply english menu while i want to import current blog language menu from joomla system.
    so how can i import any one have a idia?
    thanks in advanced.

    sanjay pansuriya
    skype : nvinfotech



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