How I paste the coding from meebo into my widget?

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    I read this on but i’m stuck with how to paste the coding from meebo into the widget. Can someone kindly explain? Thanks!

    If you have a blog on and a widget-ready theme, just go to your Presentation -> Widgets admin page and drop the widget into your sidebar. Then go to, get a bit of code and paste it into the widget. Save the changes. As long as you’re logged in at, your visitors will be able to chat with you directly!



    I will try and simplify it for you! The code is actually created from going to It has a 3 step process to create your sidebar widget and setup an account with them! After the 3rd step, it has a box to copy the code you need to put into your sidebar widget!

    As the process says, log into your WP admin => Presentation => Sidebar widgets. There you have to drag the Meebo Widget from the bottom into your sidebar. Once it is in the sidebar list, in the top right hand corner of that widget is an edit button. That brings up the editor for that widget where you will need to copy the code that you got from Step 3 at! Then just save the widget and save the changes that you made to the sidebar widgets!

    That should place the meebome widget on your site! Now, all you have to do is go to and login using the username and password that you created in Step 1,2,3 from the site and it will bring up a web based IM! When logged in there, it also has your site IM widget so if a user replies on your site, you are alerted! It works great!

    Hope that clarifies this a bit for you! Seems a bit duanting, but just go through it step by step and it will all make sense!




    Thanks Trent! Much appreciated!

    I didn’t realise how to edit the widget. It works now! Thank you! Thank you!



    I dont get what you are saying. :(



    that sounds hard



    The instructions are to my way of thinking very clear if you follow them step by step.

    This is not a chat forum. Please post only if you have specific questions to ask or if you have correct answers to the questions other bloggers have asked.
    Tx :)

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