How I upload a theme to WordPress?

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    I am really confused about this whole process. I have another host, which I think you need ( and I have WordPress installed through MAMP on my mac. I know you can’t use FTP with WordPress anymore, but what do I do to get my theme onto my site? I don’t know how to do this, a detailed guide would be monumentally helpful.

    The blog I need help with is



    You cannot install external themes on a blog. Those are only for WordPress.ORG blogs.


    ah I see, so is it simpler to do on .org?



    It’s impossible here. It’s not difficult on .org. I’ve installed ten themes on my .org blog without doing any code hacking at all.


    Do you think you could make an easy explanation guide for me? The instructions provided are daunting and unclear. Or mate you could help me tomorrow for 20-30 minutes? I’ve been at this all days today and yesterday, and I’ve gotten nowhere



    I only provide paid support for, and I’m not cheap. I’ll charge you $100 minimum for this. There are cheaper people, but the easiest thing is to go over to and look at the instructions there. If you can’t find easy instructions just go to your Dashboard and root around and you’ll find the easy way to do it. It’s there. It’s not hard to find once you look at how the dashboard works.



    Look in the getting started section of the .ORG help forum – you have a common question.

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