How in God’s name do you download the themes?

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    Okay, I’m am at and see nothing that describes how to download the theme, where to download the theme, why the theme isn’t downloadable or really anything about downloads period.

    I may be wrong but isn’t the whole idea behind these themes is that people might want to DOWNLOAD them?

    I hope it’s me that is missing something. Wouldn’t be the first time. I hope so because I like this WordPress stuff otherwise but if the site is so incredibly stupid as to not mention where to download a theme I think I’ll just go back to Blogger.

    The blog I need help with is



    You are probably missing things. Why do you want to download a theme?? You can’t upload a Theme to your WordPress.COM site.

    If you want to use that them on your site it is already installed just go to Dashboard >> Appearance and choose that Theme to use. You can only use the 100++ pre-installed Themes.

    The site is smart and easy to use, Try reading the Support Documents or the Learn WordPress.COM videos – does wonders.



    May I suggest that you read this entry so you are crystal clear on the differences between free blogs from and being free hosted by wordpress.COM and free software installs for self hosting from wordpress.ORG? vs. >


    @benbuhl, theme.wordpress.COM is simply a place where you can review the themes that are available to users here at wordpress.COM, and get more information than is typically available in the descriptions and such under appearance > themes.



    Most of the themes found here can be downloaded from

    Specifically, Pilcrow can be downloaded from



    For those who missed the point of the question, some people like to use wordpress themes on their own domain names, they don’t want their site hosted by wordpress.


    @concupis, http://theme.wordpress.COM/ is to show the themes that are available here at wordpress.COM for use at wordpress.COM. Downloading one of them (if you could) and then using it on a self-hosted blog comes with problems in most cases since the themes here are modified and typically have to be modified again to make them work on self-hosted blogs. There are a lot of things added, and some things taken out of the themes here to fit within the restrictions, and to support the unique features here. That is why they do not provide download links to those themes. If someone installed theme from here on a self-hosted blog and it didn’t work, they would be back here in these forums complaining it did not work, and the themes here are NOT designed for the self-hosted version of wordpress.

    If you are self-hosted, then all you have to do is do a google search for the theme name, and you will typically find the self-hosted version of the theme you are looking for. Example: “bueno wordpress theme” .

    No where in the OP’s post did they say they were self-hosted, and the blog linked to their username links to a blog here at wordpress.COM.

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