How is a blog doing?

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    I know this is a very subjective question, but I’ve been blogging since June and sometimes wonder if things are going well,

    of course, each blog has its own story, we tend to pay attention to the “popular ones”, that have been around for years.

    I guess my question is – is there some kind of a database or assessment that WordPress provides, giving averages of visits or pageloads
    for different kinds of blogs from their beginning through months, years?

    Thanks, and Happy Halloween!

    The blog I need help with is



    I never heard of wordpress offering such a thing. Not trying to be cliche but I would just say the best thing is to continue blogging about what you love to blog about. How well it’s doing really depends on how much you blog, how helpful your posts are and maybe how relevant they are. One tip though is that you should consider adding social networking buttons like twitter and facebook to each of your posts. Theres this thing called GetSocialLive that’s really good for that.



    I agree with you completely. I am not too willing to change my style or even gear it towards anything in particular, I was more curious about the dynamics of a blog over time, and if a hosting “institution” such as WordPress would have some studies done on it.



    When I read your post, I thought of a report that I came across the other day called Technorati State of the Blogosphere 2009. Apparently Technorati does this every year. They surveyed different categories of bloggers (including hobbyists, professionals, corporate). One of the questions was how do you measure the success of your blog. I was struck by the fact that “Personal satisfaction” and “number of unique visitors” won out over several other answers, even among bloggers who monetize their blogs. Here is the link to the full report. It doesn’t answer your question, but it’s interesting reading…



    Thank you!

    Very interesting article indeed….



    It was a very interesting article. I fell within the category of blogging just because I like to. To be honest, when I first started blogging, I was intimidated especially since I chose a subject that I felt that most people would not read and well, WordPress intimidated me. There were so many interesting and fun blogs and my chosen topic does not fall into that category. I plunged ahead anyway blogging only for myself as a way of expressing myself and did not have any expectations that people would start reading. And that’s exactly what happened, not many people read it. Since that was what I expected, there was no disappointment but I was having fun. I started in January of this year. Some days and even many days in a row, I had 0 hits on my blog but I continued to blog. I continued to blog and enjoyed writing. Slowly, ever so slowly, my blog started getting hits. Well, the last three months my blog has taken off. Many of my pages are ranked on the first page of Goggle. I thought that if I got 1,000 hits in one year, that would be phenomenal. I will make 5,000 shortly and while not a lot for one year in the scheme of blogs, for me it is.

    My blog will never be popular. It’s not a subject that will be popular. But despite the subject matter, it’s starting to generate a lot more traffic that I ever anticipated.

    I guess, at least for me, I was enjoying writing about my chosen topic. Readers and my stats growing was just icing on the cake. If that all ended, I would still continue to blog.


    The best I can find is this service:

    For others, if your blog isn’t there yet, it might take a few months to be active and being updated for them to have enough information from your blog to show these statistics.



    That is a great article, I too based how well my political blog is doing by unique visitor and self-satisfaction. Though I only base my personal blog on just self-satisfaction

    quantcast is great btw, I like the demographics part of the site.



    Starbabylon, that is amazing! I confess to hyperventilating a little while clicking on it…
    A lot of info…

    tishrei, I think you are right in blogging for yourself – that should always be the main reason, in my humble opinion



    IMO the best way to know how your blog is doing is to compare the information for your with the information for competing “foodie” sites. Simply make a list of your competitor’s sites and input the urls to quantcast and then you can make relevant comparisons.



    I guess it would be a good method, if I find blogs that were created more or less at the same time as mine. If I compare my site to the real popular ones, I’ll only feel like the ugly duckling… :-)

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