How is a click on “Older Posts” reflected in stats?

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    Just curious: If someone scrolls to the bottom of all the posts on your home page (regardless of how many posts you choose to show there) and then clicks on “Older Posts” when they get to the bottom, how is that click reflected in your stats? Is it tallied as another view of your home page?

    The blog I need help with is



    I believe it shows up as something like but I could be wrong about that; I’m just going from memory.


    Thanks, raincoaster.

    Well, I did an experiment. Right when I rolled over to a new day, and my views were zero, I logged out and then went to my site, scrolled down and clicked on “Older posts.” Indeed, after you click on “older posts” the url in the address bar says /page/2/ or something like that after the main domain name.

    But then I logged back in and went to look at my stats and I it showed simply 2 views of my homepage — I guess one for the original landing on the main page and one for clicking on “older posts.” So I’m thinking the Stats page doesn’t make the distinction of “page/2/”. In case anyone else cares about that!

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