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How is Facebook treating you?

  1. That's right, I asked. With the double speak type privacy policy, how do you feeling putting your personal information on this social media website?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I approach it with apathy. I use it. I know as I use it, they harvest data. I continue. If it isn't Facebook, it's some other website. I only try to focus on the good. The fact that it allows me to contact people that I otherwise would have forgotten about years ago.

  3. Funny lily, that seems to be the reason I am finding myself NOT liking it so
    Actually, I have had an account for who knows how long..just never used it.. and now, at the recommendations of many on here to use it to try and generate more traffic to the blog...I have unexpectedly been side tracked from my blogging time, to socialize with folks from my past...most of which, I really never had that much in common, or socialized with that when I knew them in person.

  4. I left Facebook long ago as you will find when you read my post here which sarahbaram left a comment on. Social Networks Siphon Personal Information

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