How is WordAds content optimized?

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    Thank you WordPress for launching a forum about WordAds!

    I’m curious about optimization. Most ads appearing on my site are videos. I don’t click on many videos that show on my blog because there is no headline other than “Advertisement” and the still images look goofy and irrelevant to me. Or maybe that’s intentional because maybe people are more likely to click to find out what the ad is about?

    My blog has content where retailers selling home decor items would be very relevant to my visitors. But I rarely see ads with this content. Are ads being optimized to align with blog content?

    I did discover one day I drafted a blog post that included the word “Novica” (an online store with global goods) but I did not publish that post. Still, immediately after that, a Novica ad showed on my blog! Cool. Novica is a perfect advertiser for my blog. But often I see ads about other things, and most of the time, it’s not clear what the ads are without clicking on them. This is why I wonder about how they’re being optimized.

    The blog I need help with is



    Great questions. The video ads that you see pay by impression, not by click. We get a very high click through rate on them so the advertisers are happy.

    It might be counter-intuitive to you but we are actually paid more for the broad consumer campaigns vs. the highly targeted ads that you mention. We do a lot of work in price optimization to manage this.

    For the Novica experience, I think you saw the ads because you have been to so they are paying to ‘re-target’ you.


    Thank you. I should probably click on the videos on my site more often. The static screen capture images for the videos usually don’t look appealing, but so far the videos I’ve seen have been really cool. And some do make sense for who I think my visitors are.



    Clicking through on the videos might get your WordAds account suspended. Click fraud is a dealbreaker with all of the advertisers, for obvious reasons.



    That is a great question @indiapiedaterre. My blog, is more of a music focused site, but all I see are ads on hotdogs, baseball and cars. Other music based sites with this service have more music focused ads. I am still confused as to why these are the types of ads that appear on my site.


    Re: raincoaster’s comment about clicking through on ads, I thought compensation was based on impressions not on click-throughs.

    Regardless, I would not think clicking through on 5 or less ads just to see what is being advertised on my blog, and to decide if I’d want WordAds to continue advertising on my blog, is fraud. Wouldn’t the intent of actions determine fraud. Similarly, there are many reasons why blog owners may look at their blogs frequently through the day, not to increase the number of impressions.

    Thus, WordPress should exclude blog owners’ own activity from compensation calculations.



    The Pearlmic and Indiapiadette – if you haven’t seen it please take a look at which might help with some of your questions.

    We run the video ads, rather than contextual ads, because they pay a lot better. Optimizing payouts has been our primary goal.

    Also, per above, in the US and Europe we are mostly running video ads which pay by impression not by click.

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