How is WordPress configured?

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    Hi guys,

    Thanks again for a very wonderful site! I have been asked to help a small business set up their website. Thanks to your suggestions here I have got them set up with Bluehost. I think a blog would be perfect as part of their strategy and have installed WP (of course :-) )in their domain.

    But of course “naked” WordPress is lacking a few nifty features found here. :-) I was wondering if you folks had a list of the plugins that you are using, so that I can at least look at those for consideration for the installation.

    Also if you had any suggestions for “must have” plugins I would appreciate that information as well.




    We do not have plug-ins at I guess you didn’t read the pink sticky at the head of the forum titled “please read me first before posting”
    If you had you would have read all about the very significant differences bewteen and and you would be asking your questions over here


    Actually I did read the little pink boxes, and yes I do know the difference. But for some reason I thought the people here would know how THIS implementation of WordPress is configured better than the folks over there. But I guess I was wrong.

    So sorry to have have wasted your obviously precious time on this earth.



    I do not know why you are offended or why you are being rude. You said you have installed wordpress in your client’s domain. What you have installed is not wordpress MU which is the blogging platform we are on here. The only plug-in used here is akismet.

    In order to get the plug-in list for your client’s version of wordpress which is not the same as this one you do need to be over here

    If your want to know how, which is a multi user blogging platform using a completely different code base from, is configured then it’s the staff you need to talk to. There’s a feedback button on the top right hand corner on any of your pages you can use to do this.



    TT, the poster is asking what plugins are installed here at The end users can’t install their own plugins but staff can and do. That’s how we have video and audio support and stats for example. While you state that you feel that Com didn’t read the ‘Read me first’ post, you didn’t read his or her own post. I think that’s why he or she is offended. Sort of like telling someone to drive down the right hand side of the street when they’re already doing so.

    Com, it’s my understanding that all of the plugins are created inhouse and are not ones that are available for use elsewhere. (Andy has specifically stated this for the stats for example.)



    I did read the post several times and I answered as best I could. I’m sorry that it wasn’t good enough but it does seem to me that if he or she sent in a feedback like I advised then the correct answer did get through to him or her, right?

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