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How is your Blog Going?

  1. @Pdy You're a good Writer, and it sounds like you Write a lot. I would assume it's tough to make a Living at Writing, but being that I haven't truly given it a full whole hearted effort, I am not able to speak from a tried place. I will say I've Written and completed a Screenplay, and I'm currently looking to get it read by some Professional Screenplay Writers for feedback. I've also Written, Directed, Acted (yikes), Edited (loved) a 5 Minute Short Film, and got it into a Film and Video Festival several years back. That was a very cool experience, but I've stepped away from Film and am Now focusing my Efforts on Writing. Good Luck with you Efforts, and Never... Ever... Ever... Give up

    Success comes in so many shapes, sizes, shades of colors it's truly unreal. Expect the unexpected. And remember, "When A Door Closes, A Window Opens" <--these aren't my words, but they're good ones, lol


  2. I'm very happy with my Blog so far, I have 21 Subscribers, I get some Comments from time to time, which I enjoy... And lots of Views

    I look forward to continuing to Write, and I am now Writing on a Daily basis, which was pretty much my goal in creating the Blog

    Thank you for all that Read, or take a peak at it

    Comments are always welcome


  3. Just started my blog 22 hours ago, it's going to be all about creative writing, for those that do visit and are interested in the story I'm trying to tell, I urge you to be patient, it takes a while for any blog to get noticed and any story to get going and I'm hoping I will become a better writer in the process of writing this.

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