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    Do ones followers have a new post delivered immediately you hit the ‘post’ button, or is there a time lapse before they receive it. If so, approx’ how long is that? I wondered because a while ago I accidentally pressed post while still half way through writing. I immediately deleted but it was a bit embarrassing at the time. Lol.
    Thank you.



    Pretty much at once – might take a minute or two if the servers were busy for the emails to go out – but either way there is no “get this back” option.

    Welcome to the pressed the button too soon club – most of us have done that at one time or another – I use Window Live Writer so I can work on my Post on my own PC then I upload it and do some fine tuning – nicer than the online method I think.


    Thank you auxclass, glad I’m not alone with the button issue. I do all my work on ipad2 WordPress app which is brilliant. I guess I’ll just have to watch where my fingers wander in future.

    Happy New Year.



    Jessie it depends what delivrry frequency followers choose. If it weekly, they get a weekly notification. RSS feeds ate different of course but you didn’t specify which following method you wete asking about.



    If you have your feed set to Summery then only the first couple of the embarrassing sentences are sent out. Setting to Summery also is easier on the inbox of your subscribers and they do need to visit your site to read the whole Post so you get a bit more traffic.

    Dashboard >> Settings >> Reading >> For each article in a feed, show >> Summery


    teamoyeniyi, um, my followers receive a post every time I publish one I believe. Is that what you mean? I’m afraid I’m a bit dim when it comes to talk of ‘feeds’ and ‘RSS’. Lol. But I’ll check anyway.
    Thank you and Happy New Year.


    Ah, thank you auxclass. That’s handy to know. Will see to that right away. *thumbs up*



    You be welcome

    The delivery frequency is controlled by the subscriber not you. That give then the option of not getting so much email. Some blogs have many many Posts and some people only want to check a blog say once a week when they have time to digest the content.

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