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    How long could it possibly take to import a blogger blog to a wordpress
    site- based blog? I imported 2 very short blogs which went very smoothly,
    but my main blog has been ‘importing’ for about 5 hours, and claims that
    it’s retrying once it reaches 100%.

    I’m assuming that it is individually importing the 650+ blog entries
    from blogger, but I’m not sure about that, and the ‘retrying’ message
    is perhaps slightly nervewracking…

    Any insight?




    I gave up on mine after 3 1/2 hours. I thought that maybe I had too many posts. More than yours.



    I gave up after 15+- hours.


    Ouch. That’s just plain UGLY. Did you put in a feedback about it?



    I have 2,329 posts on my old Blogger blog. So I thought that may have been the problem. I still can’t get my posts through on my old blog. After so many emails to Blogger with no reply back, I just came here to WordPress. I can post on other Blogger blogs but for some odd reason, I can’t post on mine anymore. :(



    victoriacarol wrote:
    > Ouch. That’s just plain UGLY. Did you put in a feedback about it?

    I was more concerned with (if it actually WAS trying to import, and failing) tying up the server and wasting bandwidth. I’m assuming that someone in
    wordpress support monitors the unresolved issues, and it IS Sunday.

    If I don’t see something definitive in the next day or two, I will send
    a feedback note. I thought there might have been something in my template
    or my sitemeter & technorati tags in my postings, but as I mentioned, I did
    get 2 smaller blogs uploaded… one uses a stock blogger template, and the
    other template is a “clone” of my large blog’s template, which ruled out
    template & tag issues.



    Hi all, I’m responsible for the Blogger importer. It’s hard to say why your imports are taking so long. Donncha’s blog was pretty huge and he’s been able to import it in just a few minutes. The thing to do in your situation is to try again.

    Now, I’ll caution you before you try again. You must restore your template or choose a new one first. Did you backup your template before you started? If you did, please restore your original template before you retry the import. Your blog might look the same in your browser but believe me, it’s different. There’s a bunch of junk at the end from the last attempt that will confuse the importer.

    I’m going to be very clear about this: don’t run the importer again without restoring your template first. You will double the time it takes to get through the import. You don’t want that!

    If you didn’t make a backup of your template, you should go into your Blogger account and edit your template to remove the line near the bottom of the template that starts with <!--<MainPage> and ends with <ArchivePage>-->.

    Failure to do this step between import attempts will void all warranties (doesn’t actually apply because there are none to begin with), waste your time (you should value it more than I do), and possibly cause a meteorite to drop out of orbit and land on your head (I hear this is unpleasant).

    Let us know how it goes! :-)

    If it continues to be a problem after this remedy fails more than once, send feedback and I’ll do what I can to resolve the issue.



    Ok, Here’s how it goes:

    Blogger errors out when I try restoring my template, but in actuality, it does republish.

    Just to check blogger’s end, I republished my bloger blog with a blogger standard template, and it published fine.

    Then I published it with my backup template and it errored again, but DID restore the custom template (!)

    Here’s the error message, and it’s repeatable… this morning & eve, same error:

    There were errors. (Details …)
    006 Please contact Blogger

    I logged out and tried importing to

    No love.

    For future reference, import should only cycle through one time?
    There should be no ‘retrying’?



    I just checked something…
    It’s *almost* the stock blogger ‘scribe’ template.

    That is the entry the error message was pointing to.

    Compare that to my main blog:

    The main blog is using the correct version of the template.

    Is it possible there are 2 different template files running for 1 blogger blog?
    I… Don’t… Think… So.

    Here’s another archive page:

    It’s ‘correct’.

    Help? Is this due to the importer, or is something seriously wrong with the page server @ blogger? If the importer did this, I suspect blogger’s crew is gonna be pretty… ‘T’d off.



    Further on down the road…

    Another attempt.

    First I put my blogger blog on a blogger stock template and then, with trepidation, I tried importing again…. still no love, although I’ve seen an error message once between 100% and the retry.

    WordPress importer informs me of an: empty response from server, but not consistently.



    I’m having a similar problem with a blog containing over 1,800 posts (over 10 months) and many more comments. First, I had the endless loop of watching blogger publish only, after getting 99% done, to “try again”.

    I tried to publish the blogger archives manually using the import script’s template. Blogger gave me the same error liste above:

    There were errors. (Details …)
    006 Please contact Blogger

    Subsequently, I examined what blogger was able to get publish and that there were two months that did not republish (they remained in their original state). These two happen to be the largest by far – Jan and Feb of this year.

    I’m wondering if there is an issue with the size of the archive created or if anyone has found a solution to the problem…. thx



    I only have less than 300 posts and I’m still having the issue.



    Sometimes trying at different times of the day when there isn’t that much traffic might help. But I also never managed to import my Blogger blog here. Could be Bloggers fault because they’re sadists and do nothing but tourment people. But that’s my experience. :)



    Gotta agree with Nosy on this one. I’ve run the imported twice in the past and had lots of issues. Best bet would be the other suggestions we’ve mentioned in the past. (ie do it early morning US time, delete posts on Blogger’s end that have made it over so they’ll get out of the way, and follow all of the instructions) The issue looks like to be on Blogger’s end unless Andy has something he can suggest. (See his post up above)

    As for getting help from Blogger, I wish you all the luck in the world. If the creator of Medium Large and Mary Worth couldn’t…



    i’m having a similar problem archiving from blogger. i found this site that explains the 006 blogger error, and have verified that the 1MB limit is an issue.
    Size of Pages: Individual pages (the main page of your blog, or your archive pages) are limited to 1 MB in size. This will allow for a few hundred pages of text, but it may be a problem if you are listing hundreds of posts on the front page of your blog. If you hit this limit, you will see an error message saying “006 Please contact Blogger Support.” You can get around this error by lowering the number of posts on your main page, which will have the added benefit of making your page load faster as well.



    Some people find it easier during U.S. morning hours when the traffic is low.



    geozeldadude, agreed but to read the posts, WP changes the theme over at blogger.

    Another suggest is to delete any posts that actually make it over from blogger to before you run the script again.

    Also please remember that Blogger itself has no method of importing or exporting. The WP importer is pretty much a workaround upon blogger’s limitation in this area. Nearly ever other blogging software package out there has some method of doing backups at the very least.

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