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how long does it take

  1. for the name servers (I've switched my domains name servers to point elsewhere) to map a domain to another server. Also I erroneously purchased the domain add-on and it's pointless for me. any chance of a refund???

  2. I'm sorry but I can't answer the first part and what I see stated there on the Upgrades page is: "We do not offer refunds on credits or products purchased on"

  3. You actually make the change with the ICANN nameservers when you make the changes to which nameserevrs to use. Normally it takes about 5 minutes unless your registar doesn't send in regular updates. Your local DNS cache may be affecting what you see as well. If you give the domain name, I can check it out for you and see if something doesn't look right.

    You'd have to ask staff directly via a feedback or send in an email to support at this domain about the refund issue. We can't give guidance on it since we don't have access to the backend or accounting here in the forums.

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