How long does it take for search engines to pick up a blog?

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    Maybe I’m being too impatient, but I notice that search engines such as AVG (my typical one) are not showing my new blog… Probably my title was not the best choice, as other people have used it before now. But nothing from WordPress is coming up. I realize my blog is very new (opened about 2 wks ago), but shouldn’t it be showing by this time?

    I’m going back thru my posts and adding the word “fractal” to my alt-equals tags. I have not used regular post tags; I never use them at my older blog (Under the Sun and Under the Moon) and still that one has been successful with lots of traffic. But then my alt= tags there do have the right key words….and it’s been easy to put them into the post titles as well.

    So…should I just learn to be more patient or is there something else that would help? I have 2 followers now, but those are friends of mine…

    And yes, I have bookmarked the general tips around the forum :D

    The blog I need help with is



    It takes up to seven weeks.


    Ahh…. Well that is OK then! I can wait that long for the search engines. According to stats it took about a year before I began to get any real site traffic on my older blog. So it’s all basically a matter of being patient… 0(:-)



    And putting something worth indexing on your blog

    Also look around the forum here – many tips on how to build traffic

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