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How long does it Take WordPress to put a blog online?

  1. I have written some articles as a blogger on wordPress. I searched the wide web and never saw even one of them. What is wrong? I have been blogging elsewhere and do see my aricles online. Someone please tell me how to see my articles on internet and not just WordPress' intranet.

  2. no one hear with I have helped myself.

  3. what other sites do you blog on.. how does wordpress compare you think?

  4. Have you helped yourself? How well has that worked?

    Google, for instance, can take up to six weeks to index a new site. But in my blogging classes I've seen most of my students register on Google within four hours.

  5. Also: dude, if you want people to hear with ears, you'd best provide them with links, starting with http.

  6. you take blogging classes?

  7. apachure - a link to your blog is always useful; courteous, even when asking questions like this.

    What, exactly, do you mean by you haven't seen any of your WordPress blogs? Do you mean they're not showing in Google (patience and popularity needed there), or do you mean they don't exist at all, anywhere? It takes WP microseconds to get a post online, so in answer to your original question - just as quickly as you can work your mouse to go and see it!

    If, though, your posts simply haven't appeared at all, did you actually hit the Publish button or just the Save button?

    Or, since you're taking blogging classes, maybe this is a question? Can't think why you'd need classes otherwise...

  8. Also, there is a delay before new blogs will show up in the wordpress.COM global tags pages. You can blame spammers for that. The delay seems to be about a week or possibly two. Keep writing quality posts and you will start showing up in the tags pages.

  9. Ah... Really must pay attention - I thought it wss the first guy taking classes. Oh well, doesn't look as if he's coming back anyway...

  10. This is the blog in question.
    You will note that the blogger has failed to assign any categories and/or tags to the posts. I would suggest that this needs to be done to expedite the indexing process.

  11. tsp, actually there is no delay on including new blogs in tag pages at present (there was for a while and there might be again, though we'd prefer not to).

    To answer the original question: posts are published online instantly. They are included in tag pages and blog search immediately. Once in a while there's a replication problem that causes a delay in either tags or search but it will catch up.

    Time taken to appear in Google depends solely on Google and varies a lot - and contrary to popular opinion we have absolutely no influence over that, nor special knowledge about how it happens. (If we did we'd put at the top of every search). Some new blogs appear in Google searches within a few days; other times it takes a few weeks. Once your blog has been discovered by Google, your new posts will be indexed very quickly (sometimes within a few minutes of publishing - but again that varies).

    You can check if your blog is indexed by Google by going to and searching for (substitute your own blog address obviously). If it lists any results, you're in google.

    Please note that being indexed by Google doesn't mean you'll appear at the top of search results. Where you appear in the search results depends on the quality of your content, the frequency of your posting, the subject matter you write about, and the quality and quantity of backlinks to your blog.

  12. Can't argue with that, timethief - but I'd expect the blogger to know his/her own URL, though it would seem not. Odd, that. Maybe that's what the impatient second post means - the URL penny finally dropped? We may never know...

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